Erase Chronic Inflammation with Cannabis

Erase Chronic Inflammation with Cannabis


Chronic InflammationChronic inflammation has been recently making numerous headlines. Time Magazine has listed it as the root cause for many disease conditions. Unfortunately, and with a bit of confusion, many people don’t realize that healthy non-chronic inflammation is a necessary component to fighting off infections, to healing tissues from impact injuries.

Inflammation is not always the bad guy causing trouble but rather a helpful and necessary component for health and recovery. When we fall and hurt our knee, it’s normal for it too swell. Or when we get sick from an infectious bacteria or virus, inflammation starts out as a normal component to healing. The problem however arises when we are not able to regulate it and shut it down following recovery.
This is what doctors call chronic inflammation. Such long-term consequences can trigger other disease conditions that cause our own bodies to begin attacking itself: yes, you heard me right. Dr. Robert Shmerling, Clinical chief at Harvard Medical recently linked chronic inflammation to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, asthma and Alzheimer’s.  
The good news, cannabis apparently works on reducing unwanted chronic inflammation. Through unique cellular mechanisms, different from drugs such as NSAIDS, cannabis consumption does not cause adverse side effects. Actions of the cannabis based phyto nutrients known as cannabinoids: CBD, THC, CBG, CBC conclude special interests for the treatment of chronic inflammation by numerous medical and research facilities across the world.  
Cannabis Therapy is not new

Preparations derived from Cannabis have been the source of medical therapies since the earliest medical records. (1) Many beneficial effects of Cannabis on the human body, including chronic inflammatory conditions like “rheumatism” were noted 4000 years ago in a work reported by Hui-Lin Li called Pen-tsao (2) in ancient Chinese medical texts. The United States government and the FDA have been working with legal cannabis drugs since 1975. Just to prove its worth and potential effectiveness in medical treatment, in 2003 the US government placed a patent on CBD as an antioxidant and neurological protectant. The patent thereby recognizes the numerous and vast effectiveness of cannabinoids for treating diseases.
Given that the Cannabis plant contains more that 60 cannabinoids and 200-250 non-cannabinoid compounds, it’s well recognized that the therapeutic effects are related to some combination. The effect is known as the Entourage Effect. This unique synergy of cannabis-based compounds working together aid in the control or regulation of our chronic inflammation.
It is clear that cannabinoid and non-cannabinoid components of Cannabis are potential anti-inflammatory agents. As the second most abundant cannabinoid in Cannabis, CBD has been studied extensively for its therapeutic effects. Its pretty clear that chronic inflammation is a major problem and cannot be ignored. If the US government has recognized it numerous therapeutic benefits, even during its most prohibitive times prior to legalization, then we must be onto to something immense!


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