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10% Full Spectrum extract: 1,000 mg CBD oil

Made from 100% Organic, Ethically and Sustainably sourced outdoor hemp plants, certified by the soil association and grown in the UK. The cannabidiol (CBD) extract is then blended with organic hemp seed oil for added nutritional value, bioavailability and taste. This combination of whole plant-based hemp creates a unique and nutritional superfood supplement. 


10 ml bottles: We love that our oil is just the right size for convenience and can be stowed away in any bag, big or small. Great for traveling when you need a good nights sleep. 

Best for sublingual use (place drops under the tongue) wait 30 seconds. This allows for greater absorption and bioavailability. 



How to take: Start with a low dose and work towards adding more until you achieve the desired effects. Use 1 to 4 drops per day unless otherwise advised.


10ml ≈ 250 drops ≈ 1,000mg CBD

1 drop ≈ 4mg CBD 3-4x per day to begin, adding more if desired!



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