Dose Guide

Cannabis and CBD Dose Guideline

Cannabidoil or CBD is generally considered safe to consume as long as it’s clean and free from contaminants which is why Pure Hemp Plus only provides certified organic CBD oils. Also, its always best practice and wise to start with any herbal or botanical supplement to act mindful while observing outcomes and making small adjustments as needed.


We understand that more than 100 different dynamic bioactive cannabis compounds other than CBD are found in our cannabis extractions. The idea is to lower the risks of any unknown associations that are unwanted and therefore start with the lowest dose range and adjusting until you find the desired effect.


Three dose ranges, CBD/dose/day, have been identified from a wide range of possibilities in order to be more useful for different conditions: micro, standard and macro (therapeutic) doses.


  • Micro dose low level introductory range of .5-20 mg of CBD/Dose/day.  
    • Effective for sleep, headache, mood disorders, nausea, stress and metabolic disorders


  • Standard Dose is mid range 10-100 mg CBD/Dose/Day.
    • Shown to have effect for pain, inflammation, autoimmune disorders, anxiety, depression, arthritis, fibromyalgia, IBS, autism


  • Macro Dose, therapeutics, are high range 100-800 mg CBD/Dose/Day
    • This range has shown effects of treatments for cancer, epilepsy, seizure disorders, liver disease, and more severe life threating conditions.


Finding the correct dose guideline for an individual is a unique and sometimes difficult process. Many different factors can play a role in perceived and objective outcome to cannabis therapy. For example our ECS is a fine tuned receptor system with many states of balance and imbalance. As we move further away from balance, or homeostatic center, our bodies will develop disease-like symptoms. Signals from our bodies that we are not well and is known as ECS dysfunction.


First step is deciding which dose you will be taking according to the desired outcome for any existing conditions. Knowing some basic physiology such as metabolism, body weight and any existing medical conditions is important. Begin at the lowest dose or starting dose and use Titration, a term borrowed from chemistry, that means taking small steps over time for your body to adjust slowly, to work towards finding the target dose.


Continue the start dose for 2-3 days before titrating up or down. It is suggested you record your start dose and any affect. It is most common to titrate by increments of 20%. Continue this pattern while observing your body’s reaction and any changes in condition. After day 3 continue titrating upward from your start dose. The underlying idea is to find your target dose response. 


You may reach a dose level at which you experience a reduction in the benefit. If this happens reduce dose to the previous amount and continue fro 2-3 days. If your body responds positively this will be your target dose. Continue to monitor and record your findings. Intuition and feedback will allow you to adjust as necessary, upward or downward as needed. Cannabis therapy is a unique and highly individualized and condition specific approach.