CBD Oils

Our pure, whole plant (Full Spectrum) extracts are organically and sustainably grown completely outdoors. The purest essence of the plant is captured by a finely tuned CO2 double-extraction process.

Paramount to our practices, we understand and honour the value and importance of quality control. Third-party independent lab testing results for our products are available for our customers upon request. These labs results verify the purity of our ingredients.

Our products are all certified Organic CBD and THC free. 


1000 mg CBD oil  

The 10% Full Spectrum Extract is combined with hemp seed oil to create a distinctively pure, smooth-tasting 1,000 mg CBD rich oil. It is the perfect option for those looking for a refined full spectrum hemp product.  

Made from 100% Organic hemp plants, certified by the soil association and grown naturally outdoors. The pure, whole plant CBD extract is then blended with organic hemp seed oil for added nutritional value, bioavailability and taste. This combination of whole plant-based hemp creates a unique and nutritional superfood supplement.

How to take: start with a low dose and work towards adding more until you achieve the desired effects. Begin with 2-4 drops up to 3 times daily.



Our ‘‘Very Active’’ CBD is a remarkable, innovative product that utilises dynamic ingredients that are water-soluble and therefore completely and quickly absorbed by your body. VERY ACTIVE, crucially, also contains all terpenes produced by the hemp plant. They dissolve in tea, water, and juice or under your tongue.

10 ml ‘‘Very Active’’ CBD has a similar effect to a 40% CBD oil. 

How to take: Use 1 to 2 pumps orally per day unless otherwise advised.



‘‘Madly Strong’’ CBD oil is 2500 mg per bottle. This premium product is a power house oil. It is a 100% natural, full-plant product with the highest possible ENTOURAGE effect. MADLY STRONG contains 25% CBD oil and other cannabinoids, plus maximum terpenes produced by Cannabis Sativa L.

How to take: Start with a low dose and work towards adding more until you achieve the desired effects. Begin with 1 - 2 drops orally up to 3 times daily.