Organic CBD Scented Candle


Our new hand-crafted CBD candles made from Coconut Oil, and Rapeseed wax are infused with organic essential oils that will leave your space smelling of Cedarwood, Lavender, Rosemary, Fir needle and Sweet Orange to help relieve stress and restore balance to all senses. 

Candles come with a bamboo lid and will burn up to 40 hours. 100% Organic & Vegan friendly...Each candles comes in a box with a lid. 

Cedarwood Oil has properties that help sooth the mind and body, the warm and woody scent helps promote a calming & relaxation environment. 

Lavender Oil is a must have for relaxation! It promotes peaceful sleep and helps ease tension.

Rosemary Oil can be energizing to your senses. Can help clear your mind! 

Fir Needle Oil can create a tranquil and positive space. 

Sweet Orange Oil is very uplifting for the mind and body, leaving a fresh, sweet, refreshing aroma.

Organic CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil that just makes everything better....

THC free 

Organic CBD Scented Candle

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